A Voice In Form Of A Vote – A Seat At The Table

by Rebecca Bausinger, Product Manager, APIIDA AG


In the year of 1919 federal elections were held in Germany. For many reasons this was an extraordinary election: The electoral system of proportional representation was introduced. For the first time all people from the age of 20 were allowed to vote and for the first time in German history, women had the possibility to participate and give their opinion a voice. This was 100 years ago.


These are exciting times. We continue to see strong women and men all over the world making an impact on societies. Fighting for the women’s right to vote, standing for the equal right of education and demanding to condemn structures supporting sexual misconduct.
In 2014 Michelle Obama said “…no country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens.” This statement is true for societies, for families as well as for whole industries and all sizes of companies. The only way to gain long lasting success and to mobilize citizens, family members and employees cross the board is by giving them a seat at the table. A seat at the table means participation and responsibility. Participation in discussions and creation. Responsibility to make well informed decisions and deliver results.

We at APIIDA want to increase diversity in our team and will continue and boost our efforts doing so. It is on us to change. It’s our common objective and responsibility to create a positive, innovative and productive environment for all employees.