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APIIDA is a leading technology company for providing software solutions that enable secure, connected real-time digital value chains. The products and services combine the technology realms of API Management and Integration.
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Roadmap towards the API Economy


May 2021

— Partnership with Google Apigee

As part of the strategic partnership, APIIDA takes over the sales and professional services for Apigee, the API management platform within the Google Cloud. In addition, APIIDA is further developing its API Admin Portal and Developer Portal in order to enable customers to manage their distributed environments across manufacturers in the future.

August 2019

— Partnership with Broadcom

APIIDA AG has been appointed as a Tier 1 Value-Added Distributor Partner of CA Inc., a Broadcom Company, in the areas of Security and Integration, AIOps, Business Management and Automation. The globally established solutions, marketed under the brand names Layer7, AIOps, Clarity and Automic are now distributed by APIIDA to customers and partners in Europe.

December 2018

— API Admin Portal released

APIIDA launches its API Admin Portal (APIIDA API Gateway Manager). Thanks to its functions such as One-Click Migration, Versioning, CI/CD Pipeline Integration, as well as Quick Health Check and Alarming, customers can now easily and centrally manage and monitor multiple API gateway instances in distributed environments. The API management solution initially supports the Broadcom Layer7 stack.

February 2017

— Founded

APIIDA is founded in Darmstadt, Germany by former students of the Technical University of Darmstadt.