The new and innovative solution uses the ubiquitous smartphone for strong two-factor user authentication. APIIDA Mobile Authentication enables the local storage of a trusted identity in the secure element of a smartphone. The Enterprise Edition provides certificate-based authentication and is a comfortable, secure, and cost-effective alternative to smartcards & co. The Business Edition uses username and password credentials, together with a PIN or fingerprint scan.


As a de facto standard for two-factor authentication in companies, the smartcard is increasingly coming under pressure as more and more devices come without smart card readers. The cost of procuring, distributing and managing smart cards is huge; the application complex and prone to errors. At the same time, security level requirements are rising. In general, 2-factor authentication is finally becoming the norm. But finding the right balance between user-friendliness, a high level of security and low costs isn’t always easy.

Added Values

Benefits of APIIDA Mobile Authentication


Greater Security

APIIDA Mobile Authentication greatly increases the security of your company by introducing a secure second factor for logging in to the company network. User login is actually based on proven secure encryption.
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Minimal Outlay

Unlike with the usual smart card or USB token, administrative costs are considerably lower as users tend to already have a smartphone, thus eliminating the need to order, manage and swap hardware.
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High Level of Acceptance

The majority of today’s users already use a cell phone and welcome the idea of easy login by app. This increases acceptance of strong authentication and thus the level of security in the company as a whole.


Functional Overview

Features of APIIDA Mobile Authentication

APIIDA Mobile Authentication enables unparalleled, secure authentication through its patented secure core Technologie:


Scan a QR-Code to request a certificate for the initial enrollment (once only). Thereafter, the user is able to login, using certificate-based authentication (Enterprise Edition).

Login to PC

Easy and comfortable login to the PC, using a certificate (Enterprise Edition) or username and password (Business Edition). A PIN or fingerprint-scan is used as the second factor to authenticate.
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