apidays Dubai 2023
• February 24, 2023

apidays Dubai & Middle East 2023

Alina Kumbroch
Marketing Manager
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Thank you for your visit at apidays Dubai & Middle East 2023

Apidays is the leading industry tech and business series of conferences in APIs and the programmable economy.

Apidays Dubai & Middle East 2023 brought together local and international experts to share how Open Banking and API-led Digital Transformation are transforming businesses across industries while heralding a new era of economic prosperity.

Thank you for having joined our talk and workshop, and your visit at our booth.

Missed apidays and want to learn about Federated API Management and Open Banking? No problem – we’ve got you covered! Download the slides from our website and get up to speed.
Talk: A new era of API Management – Introduction to Federated API Management
In this talk, APIIDA’s CTO Markus talked about current trends in API management, introduced the fundamentals of Federated API Management (multi-vendor, cross-platform API Management), and the implications for traditional full-lifecycle API management paradigms.
Workshop: Managing Open Banking API Environments
Workshop on managing Open Banking APIs with the APIIDA API Control Plane and the Open Banking Solution Pack, hosted by Maurizio Garzelli (Chief Solution Architect, APIIDA) and Markus Müller (CTO, APIIDA).

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