• March 20, 2020

APIIDA announces Customer Protection Program for Broadcom Layer7 ESM customers

Alina Kumbroch
Marketing Manager

Customers of Broadcom’s Layer7 ESM (Enterprise Service Manager) product can now take advantage of our Customer Protection Program and receive extra benefits when migrating to APIIDA API Gateway Manager for Layer7. 

APIIDA API Gateway Manager delivers next-generation capabilities for managing and monitoring API Gateways and Services. It enables a faster Time-to-Market for new business innovations with modern deployment and migration features and helps to drive the Customer Experience with comprehensive monitoring and alarming. Layer7 ESM customers will receive the following extra benefits when migrating to APIIDA API Gateway Manager: 

Step-up your API Operations Automation game and migrate to APIIDA API Gateway Manager now. Contact our Sales team to find out more and request a quote.

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