AAGM 2022_1
• February 13, 2022

APIIDA API Gateway Manager 2022.1 now available!

APIIDA announces the General Availability (GA) of the latest version 2022.1 of APIIDA API Gateway Manager, the admin portal for Layer7.

The new version introduces several exciting new features and improvements, including:

New: Focus Mode

An operator’s day is stressful enough. There’s no need to make it worse with hard-to-understand views during API migration. A clearer migration view was already started in the last version of APIIDA’s API Gateway Manager. Now that we’ve removed even more unnecessary information from the view, it’s time to give the new type of migration its own name: Focus Mode!

Focus Mode removes all elements from the migration view that do not require the full attention of the migrating user. Items included in solution kits or required libraries are automatically removed. Instead, only the solution kits and libraries are displayed, including an indicator of whether the kit or library already exists on the target gateway.

Besides these items, Focus Mode also removes any dependencies or configuration items that have not changed. This is possible by using the digital twin in the API Gateway Manager. This leaves only the elements that cause changes on the target gateway visible.

In addition, these elements are divided based on their types. Services and policies are grouped with each configuration item in its own group as they often differ between stages for a reason.

The result? As an example, migrating the sources of our own PSD2 Open Banking Solution Pack reduces the items shown from over 300 to just the policies that have actually changed between versions. This is a huge increase in migration performance and significantly increases trust levels.

Communication with Git

Communication with Git has been improved with the current version. Instead of just accessing a Git repository via SSH, the new release lets you connect to Git repositories via HTTPS. While this was already possible with a workaround for public repositories, it is now fully supported for both public and private repositories. The configurable Git credentials now support username/password based authentication.

Handling encrypted data in bundles.

Previously, the API Gateway Manager used its own passphrase to encrypt sensitive information in the generated migration packages. While this improves security, it affects the reusability of the generated bundles. With this approach, the bundles can only be used with the same instance of Gateway Manager (or an instance that used a shared key). The new version allows using the configured cluster passphrase instead. This means that the generated bundles can be used with any software. However, it is required that all gateways have the same cluster passphrase.

Replacing variables

In the early days of API Gateway Manager, one of our core beliefs was that we should be directly compatible with the tools provided by Broadcom. Because of this, the logic for replacing variables across stages has been heavily influenced by the way this is handled in Broadcom’s Gateway Migration Utility (GMU). After many discussions with our customers, we decided it was time to drop the requirement to be compatible with GMU when it comes to variables. You can already see the first fruits of this work in the current release, with a streamlined and less complicated process for defining these replacements. We will continue to improve in this area and hope to provide a completely revised version of this feature for the next release

For more details, see the product documentation and release notes at https://kb.apiida.com.

The new version is available in the following form factors:

Docker Image (Docker Hub)

Docker offline image

virtual appliance

Get started. Now.

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