AAGM Winter2020
• February 24, 2021

APIIDA API Gateway Manager Winter 20 Release: API Operations Automation with integration in CI/CD Processes

APIIDA launches the new Winter 20 release of its leading APIIDA API Gateway Manager solution, which now supports the integration into CI/CD processes. New RESTful APIs now allow managing the Gateway Manager itself, as well as the connected gateways, and enables integration with third-party products. 

The modularity of the APIIDA solution offers developers a high degree of flexibility. For example, when developing a new API, they can easily and securely migrate one or more resources (such as services) to each gateway automatically. “All the necessary steps, such as changing variables, intelligent mapping of the IDs, and creating the folder structure, are carried out automatically and no longer have to be done manually,” explains Markus Müller, CDO at APIIDA. “This saves a lot of time.”

The new release also offers the option of defining migration pipelines, which allow for setting tasks that should be performed before and after the migration, such as sending a webhook to an existing testing tool. A new command-line interface (CLI) for managing the Gateway Manager and for performing migrations also enables the APIIDA API Gateway Manager to be integrated with existing CI/CD tools such as Jenkins.

“This enables DevOps teams to establish a fully automated process for a CI/CD pipeline for API Management. This makes their work considerably easier, accelerates the provision of new versions and saves enormous costs,” summarizes Armin Stephan, COO of APIIDA. “Combined with its existing features for monitoring API gateways and services, APIIDA API Gateway Manager is the market-leading solution for API Operations Automation.”

The new release delivers even more exciting enhancements: The new “Intelligent Mapping” of IDs now automatically arranges them according to, for example, the source and destination gateway. If the IDs do not match, the Gateway Manager automatically assigns them according to the name.

The enhanced “One-Click Migration” function simplifies and speeds up migration between the different environments for development, test, QA and production. Multiple services and resources can now also be migrated at the same time. This function accelerates time to production, as more services can be migrated in each migration step. In addition, services and resources can be migrated to multiple targets at the same time, services or resources can be migrated to the entire environment, as well as multiple environments can now be migrated simultaneously.

With the Winter 20 release, the APIIDA API Gateway Manager also offers integration with the “Machine Identity Protection” platform by Venafi. This enables companies to upload new or updated certificates from the Venafi platform directly to all managed Layer7 API gateways. The changes can be recognized automatically and updated on the gateways immediately. This type of integration is intended for both private keys and trusted certificates.

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