AAGM Winter2021
• February 24, 2021

APIIDA API Gateway Manager Winter 21 Release: Continued API Operations Automation with version and environment management

APIIDA launches the winter 21 release of the APIIDA API Gateway Manager and has some innovations ready. The new version focuses on new functionalities for automating existing processes and expanding version control. Furthermore, the Advisor feature should enable better management of the gateways.

The advisor feature now offers customers the opportunity to recognize expiring certificates promptly and to inform the responsible customers. For this purpose, new integrations for Microsoft Teams and Jira tickets have been added to support communication with popular communication and organizational tools.

In combination with the new automation feature, this allows automatic notifications to be configured for specific events. For example, a Jira ticket can be created for expiring certificates or an e-mail / messenger message can be sent to the responsible person when a migration is complete. It is also possible to address a webhook directly. The APIIDA AG team also plans to further expand these integration options in the following versions. This clearly continues the direction towards API Operations Automation, i.e. towards simple and automated CI/CD processes for Layer7 API Management.

The second major innovation of the Winter 21 release is the improved Git integration. The new release allows registering APIs from gateways and directly from a central version control. This makes it possible to manage APIs that are only available as source code on a GitHub, GitLab or, now new, Nexus Repository in the APIIDA API Gateway Manager and make them available on managed gateways. In addition, the user interface has been improved to allow easier handling of the repositories. This facilitates the establishment and use of central version control and integration into the CI/CD process and development processes.

Speaking of development processes: Starting with the Winter 21 release, the APIIDA API Gateway Manager enables the creation and use of policy templates. This feature allows users to store and describe standardized policies and policy fragments as templates. This shortens development work and simplifies the administration of standardized processes.

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