APIIDA at APIdays Amsterdam

Gross-Bieberau, May 29, 2019
From June 18-19, 2019 we are a sponsor and exhibitor at the APIdays Amsterdam. The event will take place in the Hotel Arena in Amsterdam.

Learn more about our APIIDA API Gateway Manager, with our new Spring 19 release, and our APIIDA PSD2 Solution Pack. The APIIDA API Gateway Manager enables organizations to easily and reliably monitor and manage multiple Layer7 API Gateway instances in distributed environments. APIIDA PSD2 Solution Pack for the Broadcom Layer7 API Gateway (once CA API Gateway) solves the technical challenge faced by banks by providing a solution to comply with the directive.

APIdays is the leading industry tech and business series of conferences in APIs and the programmable economy. The APIdays Amsterdam speaks about:

Day 1 will be dedicated to learning about the state of the art of programmable telecoms, contextual communications, the role of API’s and how to build and execute a successful API strategy for continuous innovation in small and large organizations.

Day 2 will focus on the next steps in customer experience, contact centers, conversational interfaces, voice assistants, big data and AI, looking at what the leading players are working on, what users and brands are looking for, and the impact of all this on our society.

We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam.


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