• October 11, 2021

APIIDA celebrates European Cybersecurity Month

October not only marks the beginning of autumn, but also the annual European Cybersecurity Month (ECSM), supported by the German Federal Office for Information Security. This year’s ECSM runs under the campaign #ThinkB4UClick, bringing together themes such as “Be cyber-secure at home” and “First Aid.” At the same time, National Cyber Security Awareness Month is taking place in the USA and Canada. So October is all about security and we at APIIDA want to do our part.

Why is cybersecurity so important?

APIIDA is completely dedicated to the management and engineering of secure APIs. Therefore, cybersecurity in general, but specifically the security of digital interfaces in and out of the enterprise, is especially close to our hearts. According to a representative survey by Bitkom (2021), German companies report 223.5 billion euros in damage due to data theft, industrial espionage and sabotage for the year 2020. At the same time, making data available to customers and partners is becoming increasingly important, so achieving security by disconnecting data from the network cannot be a sensible solution. Instead, access to corporate data must be secured and monitored at all times. A holistic approach to API management and API security is therefore more important than ever.

Our activities for the European Cyber Security Month

True to this year’s campaign, we want to “provide first aid” and tie in with the successful keynote speech in the BITMi’s IT Security working group. We will be hosting a series of articles throughout the month around the topic of API security. What to expect:

-This week: “The Golden Circle of API Security” – We discuss why API security is so important, what it actually means and how to deal with it.

-Next week: “How To: API Security” – We’ll explain how you can easily implement API security using best practices and lessons learned from our daily work.

-Last week in October: Let one of our experts surprise you in our Layer 7/Broadcom Special

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