APIIDA Mobile Authentication

Passwordless Authentication

Do you still use username and password?

Watch Tom's daily work in a passwordless company!

Tom comes to the office...
...he opens the APIIDA Mobile Authentication App on his smartphone...
...Tom logs on to his computer within seconds via FaceID or TouchID...
...and starts working after a few seconds.

Use APIIDA Mobile Authentication like Tom and log in to your computer without a password. Simple and secure!

Tom is happy!

Tom uses our solution APIIDA Mobile Authentication as an employee!

Our APIIDA Mobile Authentication solution uses a smartphone app that establishes a direct, encrypted, and secure connection to your computer. The secure certificate-based authentication requires no internet connection. Your identity is securely stored locally and encrypted on your smartphone. You need no passwords in the future. Your FaceID or TouchID is sufficient for secure log in to your computer anytime, anywhere. Choose APIIDA Mobile Authentication - uncomplicated, cost-effective and more than secure.

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