APIIDA Mobile Authentication

Local 2-Factor Authentication. Your Mobile is the Key.

Strong 2-factor authentication in the enterprise, using smart cards, tokens & co. is increasingly coming under pressure today. The costs of procurement, distribution and administration are enormous, the user experience is uncomfortable, complex and error-prone. At the same time, however, enterprise security requirements continue to rise. A 2-factor authentication for all users is becoming the norm now. However, finding the right balance between ease of use, high security, and low cost is not always easy. APIIDA Mobile Authentication combines the security of a smart card with the user experience of the smartphone.

Smartphone-based, local 2-Factor Authentication helps you:

Why use 2-Factor Authentication?


Are fast, easy and inexpensive. Unfortunately, they are at the same time very insecure and usually the starting point of hacker attacks. However, passwords can be strengthened by using additional authentication factors. Moreover, even safer and simpler solutions are those in which the user no longer has to remember any passwords.

Meet Tom and Martha

Watch Tom and Martha using APIIDA Mobile Authentication and see the difference compared to traditional strong authentication solutions like the smartcard.
APIIDA Mobile Authentication uses a smartphone app to directly connect to your client PC, using a Bluetooth LE connection. The app enables the local storage of a trusted identity in the secure element of the smartphone. Login to your client PC with APIIDA Mobile Authentication - uncomplicated, cost-effective and more than secure.

See it in action: Client login

The Enterprise Edition provides certificate-based authentication and is a comfortable, secure, and cost-effective alternative to smartcards & co. It integrates with your existing PKI certificate infrastructure and enables a smooth transition, or even co-existence, by supporting the use of the existing smartcard in parallel. For customers not using a PKI certificate infrastructure today, APIIDA Mobile Authentication Enterprise Bundle is a packaged solution, including a pre-configured PKI. Deployment and initial enrollment is easy and done within a few minutes: to request a certificate for authentication purposes for the first time, simply connect to an enrollment website, using your existing credentials and snap a QR code. That’s it! You’re ready to experience the comfort and security of APIIDA Mobile Authentication.

See it in action: Initial Enrollment*

*only needs to be done once during the initial setup and upon expiry of the certificate

If required, APIIDA Mobile Authentication can automatically lock your client PC when you walk away from it, taking your smartphone with you. This is done by monitoring the Bluetooth signal strength between the client PC and smartphone. In case you do not require the security of certificate-based authentication, but still want to use the comfort of using your smartphone to authenticate, the APIIDA Mobile Authentication Business Edition is available and uses username and password credentials, together with a PIN, fingerprint scan or face recognition.


APIIDA Mobile Authentication provides advanced integration with the Windows Smart Card subsystem and is similar to smart card authentication against the backend. As such, it supports a wide range of use cases, including:


APIIDA Mobile Authentication is based on its Patented SECURE CORE TECHNOLOGY
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