APIIDA Inkless Signature: APIIDA presents innovative solution for electronic signatures at it-sa 2019

Gross-Bieberau, September 26, 2019
At it-sa 2019 we present our new product APIIDA Inkless Signature. The solution was developed together with our partner Swisscom AG.

APIIDA Inkless Signature enables a customer-friendly, legally binding digital signature process for electronic documents, as well as the use of document seals – from anywhere at any time, without media disruption.

In cooperation with Swisscom Trust Services, we will offer in the future particularly easy and convenient qualified electronic signatures (QES) according to EU law (eIDAS) and in the Swiss legal area (ZertES) without using complex, time-consuming implementation processes. Without additional purchases, such as Hardware or signature cards, because APIIDA Inkless Signature follows a mobile-first approach and offers the possibility to perform customer onboarding GwG-compliant without VideoIdent.

The great advantage of the product is its integration capability. Users can connect directly and easily to an API interface. Changes to the customer’s systems are reduced to a minimum through simplified interaction with the interface.

APIIDA Inkless Signature facilitates the path to a paperless process with the integration of the easy-to-use interface. This makes the legally binding electronic signature easy, whether on the go on the mobile phone or on the Web. This allows you to put your core business at the center of your trade. Eliminating paper also reduces the company’s environmental footprint and makes an important contribution to a sustainable future.

In contrast to previous solutions, which had to resort to expensive long-term certificates, user satisfaction can be increased considerably even with a small investment. A pay-per-use model with one-time certificates, each dedicated to a single signature, provides the necessary predictability with fixed costs per transaction.

Establish strong and legally binding relationships with your customers with our eIDAS and ZertES-compliant solution for qualified electronic signatures.

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