Gross-Bieberau, December 7, 2017.
During recent CA World 17, held November 13-17 in Las Vegas, APIIDA AG showcased its brand-new APIIDA API Gateway Manager, an add-on to the CA API Gateway product, which is being used by leading organizations around the globe, to help drive their Digital Transformation initiatives. APIIDA API Gateway Manager enables organizations to easily and reliably monitor and manage multiple CA API Gateway instances in distributed environments.

“The feedback from visitors – both potential customers and partners – was overwhelming”, says Armin Stephan, Vice President Sales & Marketing at APIIDA, looking back on the successful event. “The first potential customers approached us even before the official opening and the last ones were still queueing, even as everything was being dismantled around us. We are delighted at the great interest shown by customers and partners.”

APIIDA API Gateway Manager helps organizations ensure service availability, establish a continuous DevOps process and accelerate new service deployments.

“APIIDA API Gateway Manager is a great value-add for any CA API Gateway customer”, says Waldemar Rosenfeld, Product Manager at APIIDA. “Its powerful monitoring capabilities help to quickly respond to problems, thus maintaining critical business processes. Even more important, One-Click Migration and Service Management automate the migration of APIs across gateway instances, a task which otherwise has to be carried out manually, causing a major overhead and is prone to error.”

As APIIDA is expanding its market coverage, CA World also offered the opportunity to talk to potential new partners to help address the global market. “We’ve spoken with a number of high profile partners from around the world and are delighted about their interest in adding our product to their portfolio”, says Armin Stephan.

We would like to thank everyone for visiting us at CA World 17 and look forward to a great CA World 18 in Miami.


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