11. July 2019

Successful companies save several 100.000 € with APIIDA’s Intelligent Single Sign On and Multi-Factor Authentication solution. Do you also use this savings potential?

Timm Lotter, Senior Presales Consultant, APIIDA AG With the increasing number of cloud services, more passwords must be managed by customers, partners, and employees. If […]
3. July 2019

Apple Pay replaced the plastic credit card – APIIDA replaced the physical smartcard

Timm Lotter, Senior Presales Consultant, APIIDA AG The smartphone is part of our everyday live. It‘s increasingly replacing external devices and hardware. In the beginning, […]
28. June 2019
Blog Post Struggling with IT Security

The users’ daily fight with the IT security

Sascha Salzner, Marketing Manager, APIIDA AG In the age of digital transformation the topic „IT security“ is one of the most important for companies. Many […]
5. June 2019

The experts of Easter Island not only for Christmas – Our author, Timm Lotter of the APIIDA AG, is currently traveling around the world.

About five hours of flying time from South America is a small island in the middle of the ocean. The locals call it Rapa Nui, […]
3. May 2019

How to introduce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) easily and quickly?

von Timm Lotter, Senior Presales Consultant, APIIDA AG The Multi-Factor Authentication solution APIIDA Intelligent SSO can be introduced easily and quickly in 3 steps:   […]
29. March 2019

The IT-Security-Pyramid: How to secure your company step by step

by Timm Lotter, Senior Persales Consultant, APIIDA AG With digitization and the cloud age, companies are facing the challenge of protecting themselves against new attack […]
20. March 2019

PSD2 – the Payment Services Directive

by Maurizio Garzelli, Principal Services Consultant, APIIDA AG What is PSD 2? PSD2 is the second Payment Services Directive, designed by the countries of the […]
8. March 2019

A Voice In Form Of A Vote – A Seat At The Table

by Rebecca Bausinger, Product Manager, APIIDA AG A VOICE IN FORM OF A VOTE In the year of 1919 federal elections were held in Germany. […]
21. February 2019

Secure APIs: Safety measurements for your external interfaces

by Waldemar Rosenfeld, Product Manager, APIIDA AG Co-author: Olga Irmen, pixelideen UG At the beginning of the year it happened again: The press reported that […]
14. January 2019

APIIDA Mobile Authentication and APIIDA Intelligent SSO not affected by “Modlishka 2FA hack”

by Sebastian Rohr, CTO, APIIDA AG In light of recent events and news, that simple 2FA mechanisms like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator may be […]
14. December 2018

Why do salespeople have such a bad image?

by Gerlinde Wynands, Sales Executive, APIIDA AG Faust: » When, to the Moment then, I say: / ‘Ah, stay a while! You are so lovely!’ […]
3. December 2018

Hazards when using APIs

by Waldemar Rosenfeld, APIIDA AG Co-author: Olga Irmen, pixelideen UG More than a decade ago, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) were largely insignificant. Around the turn […]
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