14. October 2019

APIIDA at it-sa 2019 – Many thanks for your visit!

Gross-Bieberau, October 14, 2019 The it-sa 2019 was a complete success for us! Over a three-day period, 15.632 international trade visitors turned Exhibition Nuremberg into […]
9. October 2019

„The 2019 Platform Summit“: APIIDA at NordicAPIs in Stockholm

Gross-Bieberau, October 10, 2019 We are a sponsor and exhibitor of the event “The 2019 Platform Summit” at NordicAPIs in Sweden. The 2019 Platform Summit […]
26. September 2019

Passwordless company: APIIDA presents an alternative to passwords and smart cards at it-sa 2019

Gross-Bieberau, September 26, 2019 We present our new SaaS solution for our product APIIDA Mobile Authentication at it-sa 2019. Now companies are also able to […]
26. September 2019

APIIDA Inkless Signature: APIIDA presents innovative solution for electronic signatures at it-sa 2019

Gross-Bieberau, September 26, 2019 At it-sa 2019 we present our new product APIIDA Inkless Signature. The solution was developed together with our partner Swisscom AG. […]
25. September 2019

Swisscom Trust Services and APIIDA lay the foundation for digital signature platform of the future

Gross-Bieberau, September 25, 2019 We offer a new platform that enables companies to electronically sign contracts and issue document seals via a uniform interface. We […]
5. September 2019

APIIDA API Gateway Manager – Summer 19 Sale

Gross-Bieberau, September 5, 2019 We launch a major sale campaign, offering a 25% discount for our product APIIDA API Gateway Manager. Take your vacation stress […]
3. September 2019

APIIDA at it-sa 2019

Gross-Bieberau, September 3, 2019 From October 8-10, we will present our innovative product portfolio at Europe’s leading trade fair for IT security in Nuremberg in […]
30. August 2019

APIIDA Mobile Authentication is not affected by the Bluetooth security hole (KNOB)

Gross-Bieberau, August 30, 2019 Security researchers have discovered a serious security hole in the Bluetooth connection. It should be possible to hack Bluetooth devices in […]
6. August 2019

APIIDA and Broadcom expand partnership – APIIDA appointed as Value-Added Distributor Partner

Gross-Bieberau, August 6, 2019 APIIDA AG has been appointed as a Tier 1 Value-Added Distributor Partner of CA Inc., a Broadcom Company, in the areas […]
24. July 2019
APIIDA API Gateway Manager - Summer 19 Release

APIIDA API Gateway Manager – Summer 19 Release

OPTIMIZED MIGRATION PROCESS – THE NEW GATEWAY-EXPLORER We’re excited to announce that the Summer 19 Release of the APIIDA API Gateway Manager is available to all […]
1. July 2019

New partner and reseller in Turkey: ARGION

Gross-Bieberau, 1. July 2019 Argion and APIIDA announce today a partnership agreement for the Turkish market. Argion represents us as a reseller of our products […]
27. June 2019

Early-Access-Program for APIIDA API Gateway Manager

Gross-Bieberau, 27. June 2019 Use our Early-Access-Program for APIIDA API Gateway Manager now. As a customer or partner of APIIDA AG, you can register and […]
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