Your lifebuoy for ESM’ end of life

APIIDA API Gateway Manager, there is no better Solution to replace ESM

Still didn’t find a proper replacement for Layer7 Enterprise Service Manager (ESM)? No worries, we got you covered!
The end of life of ESM is forcing you to search for new ways to manage your APIs. The APIIDA API Gateway Manager offers you all benefits of ESM and even more – flexible and time-saving API Operations Automation at its best.

We offer current or previous ESM Customers a 50% discount on the APIIDA API Gateway Manager, through our special, limited Customer Protection Program.

The APIIDA API Gateway Manager is the market-leading solution for API Operations Automation for your Broadcom Layer7 environment, providing a complete set of features for fast and reliable API Deployment and Migration and comprehensive API Monitoring and Alarming.

Get to know more about the APIIDA API Gateway Manager and contact us for your individual ESM replacement offer!
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Contact us for further information on the Customer Protection Program and get one of the limited offerings for the APIIDA API Gateway Manager.
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