by Marilena Müller, Product Manager, APIIDA AG

The business world is changing rapidly and relentless. This is mainly due to digitization and increasing technology. It is expected that companies act promptly and flexibly and react to business transactions. In many areas, this has already achieved to a high degree and automated processes have become indispensable. However, media breaks are still found in almost fully digital processes and not infrequently these are contract signatures. These contracts are usually subject to the written form requirement.

We believe in revolutionizing traditional processes and in making it possible to close the last analog gap. This will enable you to build strong and legally binding relationships with your customers – anywhere, anytime. APIIDA Inkless Signature paves the way to a future with simple, fully digital processes and does so much more besides.

1. Sustained

Anyone who has signed a contract on a larger scale knows which paper fight can be expected. It does not matter whether it is a contract of employment, a lease or the opening of a new bank account. At first glance, you can only see the paper at this point and like to forget what is left. Alone to produce a single sheet of paper about 300-400 ml of water are consumed. And then the paper is printed, copied and sent. None of these processes is also CO2-neutral. What remains is a rather sobering result at a time when climate protection is becoming increasingly important and society – your customers – is calling for action.
What if you could significantly reduce this consumption and thus your company’s environmental footprint? APIIDA Inkless Signature helps you with this, because everything can be done electronically, from contract creation to signing. No printouts, no copies, no postage or couriers are needed anymore.

2. More than secure

Security has never been more important than it is today, where cybercrime is omnipresent to us and a daily companion. It has become indispensable to know the identity of our counterpart beyond doubt. Due to the simple and rapid initial identification before the electronic signature and the two-factor authentication, authenticity and traceability of the document is always guaranteed.

The certificates provided by our partner Swisscom Trust Services are also compliant with eIDAS and ZertES. Thus, all contracts, even those subject to the written form requirement, can be signed qualified electronically. And even in the heavily regulated environment of the Money Laundering Act, a door is opened to completely digital processes, because in addition to the legal compliance of the certificates, all systems are hosted according to banking standards.

3. Easy and comfortable

APIIDA Inkless Signature works according to the motto: “The best service is the one you cannot see.” – if you want it, because access to the pool of identity providers and the easy-to-use interface is not only possible via our web interface. We also help you integrate it into your workflow, even on the mobile phone, to give your customers the added value of electronic signatures.

The intuitive operation does not require weeks of workshops, because the use is (almost) as easy as plug and play. In addition, you do not need to worry about the legal consequences of adjusting the process. With our solution, you can choose freely from a pool of identity providers, without affecting the validity of the overall process because every possible combination has already been certified and tested in advance by us.

4. Saves time and money

We help you to overcome boundaries, because you become independent of place, time or other circumstances. This also helps your customers to maximum flexibility.
Whether in the morning in the tram or in the evening on the sofa. From now on, contracts can always be legally closed. Because your customers are certainly as busy as you. In addition, annoying meetings and even if the potential new colleague lives at the other end of Europe, nobody must travel or wait for the post office. He just becomes part of the team, without waiting.

No more paper jams, because printing is eliminated. No postponed scans on which words are cut off and no staffing to put it all back somehow. Sounds good, right? We think so too.

5. Exceeds customer expectations

We are all used to paperwork, we expect it because we do not know it differently. But what if you did not need paper and pen? The customer would not be surprised. Next up is a tablet with cable clutter and a pen attached to it so awkwardly that every signature becomes art.

Or you can use your chance to exceed expectations. No pen, no paper, no forgotten pages, no tablet, no clutter. Congratulations, you are a digital pioneer. Use the surprise of your customers to your advantage. Because everyone is in a hurry and every time savings helps.
And because comfort is a luxury item for us all, it must be easy. And that’s it, I promise. In the end, you have achieved one thing above all else: a happy customer.


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