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• February 4, 2020

Fix Google Social Login on Layer7 Mobile API Gateway

Using the Layer7 Mobile API Gateway (MAG) enables a company to use several social logins out of the box. Since Google resigned their Google Plus service, the social login for Google isn’t working out the box with the MAG anymore.

This blog article will explain, in a few easy steps, how to fix this issue.

Our Chief Technology Advisor Maurizio Garzelli analysed this functionality and discovered the following

1. I enabled social login for my MAG installation

2. I have had to change the Google Plus part of the social login to the new Google account API

3. I wanted to show that it worked for the MAG Manager, but this change needs to be introduced for ANY time that one wants to use the Google Social Login for any use case.

4. I have checked and the place that talks about Google Plus is the “google oauth 2.0 client” fragment. It is not changeable but there is a # fragment where I can change the pointer for the resource.

I then did the following:

1. Go to and create a Project. There create a Web Application OAuth 2.0 Client

2. Add the redirect url in the “Authorised redirect URIs”:

https:///auth/oauth/v2/authorize/login?action=login&provider=google3. Add the variable called “resource_endpoint” in the fragment “#google oauth 2.0 client” inside the Layer7 Policy Manager. Set it to Click on “Save and Activate”5. Google social login will work again

Get started. Now.

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