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We are your authorized value-added partner for Broadcom enterprise software and solutions. Explore these capabilities that are part of Broadcom’s Digital BizOps solutions.

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Accelerate Digital Business Success

Broadcom’s Digital BizOps solution combines capabilities across your digital lifecycle, connected with shared intelligence and automation to enable continuous feedback loops that provide actionable insights, faster decision-making, and improved innovation velocity. One of the core components of almost every digital transformation journey is API Management. Optimizing every phase of the API lifecycle, Gain the capabilities you need to secure APIs, micro-services, users, and transactions. Accelerate the integrations that unleash new opportunities.

The perfect symbiosis for your API management

The perfect symbiosis for your API management

Broadcom Layer7 API Management (formerly CA API Management) combines advanced functionality for back-end integration, mobile optimization, cloud orchestration, and developer management.

APIIDA API Gateway Manager

APIIDA API Gateway Manager is the market-leading solution for enhancing your Layer7 API Management and operations by providing a complete set of features for fast and reliable API Deployment and Migration and comprehensive API Monitoring and Alarming.

Layer7 Service Portolio

Architecture Planning

Apiida solution subject matter experts will work with you to plan and review the design for any new or expansion project.

Implementation Services

Our quick time-to-value implementations allow you efficiently implement the solutions.

Upgrade Services

We offer Upgrade Services to support your elevate to the current product release.

Health Check Services

Our Health Check Services assess the current state of your licensed Layer7 security solutions to validate and identify opportunities for improved performance.

Solution Adoption Analysis

Benefit-oriented considerations are at the core of our Solution Adoption Check.

Training and Education

Regardless of whether onsite at your offices or with APIIDA training facilities, we’ll tailor our training so that they will meet your individual needs.

Enhanced Support Services

Enhanced Support Services provide premium services on top of regular support services and maintenance.

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