Password-less Windows-Login with the Smartphone (iPhone/Android)

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Password-free Windows-Login with the Smartphone (iPhone/Android)

by Timm Lotter, Senior Presales Consultant, APIIDA AG


Have you ever had the case that you want to login at your laptop in the morning with a fresh coffee and it suddenly didn’t work? This may seem less common in the private environment, but in large companies this happens several times a day. Resetting the password is annoying and takes time. Plus, you’ll have to come up with something new with complex password policies.

This is a thing of the past with the password-free Windows-Login “APIIDA Mobile Authentication” (AMA). Instead of entering the username and password at Windows, the smartphone is used. The user opens the Smartphone App of AMA and logs in with his fingerprint at Windows. For this, the computer and the smartphone are paired with an encrypted Bluetooth connection. Thus, the security is increased and a second factor is introduced: The first factor is the smartphone as an additional external device, the second is the confirmation of the Windows login with the fingerprint or password in the Smartphone App.


The following video shows how easy the password-free login of the future looks like:

The Windows login of the future is password-free with the smartphone.

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