Federated API Management

APIIDA API Control Plane

One solution to rule them all. Experience the power of the APIIDA API Control Plane – the ultimate solution to unlock the full potential of your APIs for the business. The market-leading SaaS-based platform empowers businesses with Federated API Management capabilities, providing a centralized platform for provisioning, discovering, and securing all your APIs.

Say goodbye to complexity with our vendor-agnostic Admin Portal and Developer Portal, enabling seamless management of the entire API lifecycle. Our unified API catalog ensures a cohesive developer experience and consistent governance across all APIs and environments.

This is true API Management. ALL APIs – ALL Platforms – ONE Solution.
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Increase Business Agility

The APIIDA API Control Plane puts an end to API sprawl. With its multi-vendor approach and support for cloud-based and on-premise API gateways, this powerful platform streamlines collaboration amongst internal and external digital teams.

Its ability to simplify the management of all your APIs gives you a competitive edge, allowing you to accelerate business initiatives while reducing costs.
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Reduce Complexity+Costs_products

Reduce Complexity and Cost

by unifying access to all your APIs across cloud-based and on-premise API gateways from multiple vendors. Separate the API runtime from API management to take advantage of the API runtime best suited for the task at hand, and avoid vendor lock-in.

Drive Innovation

with a single place for API and app developers. Simplify API consumption and accelerate time-to-market by giving developers a shared set of API building blocks in a dynamic repository where they can be discovered and reused.

Enhance Security + Governance

with total visibility of all your APIs. Gain valuable insight by making your APIs visible from a single shared view. Monitor usage, identify scalability issues, know which APIs aren’t managed, and identify those that developers want.

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Experience the benefits of true Federated API Management.

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Supported API Runtimes

Centralized Management. Decentralized Execution.

ALL APIs – ALL Platforms – ONE Solution

Pricing and Plans

Full functionality to get started for small businesses or start-ups with room to grow!

  • Full Functionality

  • Single Developer Portal

  • All runtimes supported

  • Up to 30 APIs

  • Up to 50 Consumers


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Full functionality for mature companies who want to take their API management to the next level!

  • Full Functionality

  • Single Developer Portal

  • All runtimes supported

  • Up to 90 APIs

  • Up to 150 Consumers


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Extended range of functionality and individuality for organizations that expect that little extra!

  • Full Functionality

  • Multiple Developer Portals

  • All runtimes supported

  • Individual Agreement on APIs and Consumers

  • Individual Agreement on Support (e.g. Enhanced Support Services)

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Helvetia Case Study
Customer Success

Helvetia, Switzerland

“I’ve always wondered why there isn’t such a solution on the market yet. It’s the natural next step in API management.”

Maik Schärer
Product Owner Integration, Helvetia Insurances
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Experience the benefits of true Federated API Management.

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