API Operations Automation for Broadcom Layer7

APIIDA API Gateway Manager

APIIDA API Gateway Manager is the market-leading solution for API Operations Automation for your Broadcom Layer7 environment, providing a complete set of features for fast and reliable API Deployment and Migration and comprehensive API Monitoring and Alarming.

The APIIDA API Gateway Manager is the missing link in Broadcom’s Layer7 portfolio and allows you to use modern workflows including git and CI/CD support side by side with your API Gateway.
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Business Value

Faster, Safer, Smarter


Drive Speed to Innovation

Get to market faster and seize new business opportunities by managing your API services with fast, easy, and reliable migration across your environments for development, test, and production.

Automate DevOps Processes

Enhance the Developer Experience with CI/CD pipeline automation and integration with testing means, combined with an easy and comprehensive service categorization and version control.
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Enhance the Customer Experience

Active monitoring and alerting help you ensure ultimate service availability and performance by identifying and addressing potential issues, before they affect the business.

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Step-up your APIOps capabilities

  • One-Click Deployment + Migration
    Easy and reliable migration of APIs simplify and speed up deployments between the different environments for development, testing and production. APIIDA’s API Gateway Manager automatically takes care of mapping elements in the different environments to each other and highlights probable causes of errors before even attempting a migration.

    You can create and manage any number of environments with any form-factor. The API Gateway Manager supports virtual appliances as well as containerized gateways. Step up to the next level by using ephemeral gateways, that use customized Docker images instead classic migrations. All with the same workflow and interface.

    Migrations are persisted in the API Gateway Manager’s database and can be used as part of the audit trail. And because we backup all replaced elements before the migration, migrations can be rolled back right from the interface.

  • True DevOps flows with Git Integration + Version Control
    Enhanced management and version control of APIs using our built in git integration brings Layer7 on par with other solutions in the market. Automate the deployment of new versions using the Gateway Manager’s REST interface or the command line interface. By leveraging our enhanced, JSON-based format to export APIs from the gateways, we open the door to managing Layer7 policies as code.

    Define dependencies to shared libraries or solution kits within your APIs, to reduce the API policies to what really matters: The policies and business logic.

  • CI/CD Pipeline Automation
    Integrate APIIDA’s API Gateway Manager with your CI/CD pipeline tools by leveraging the REST-based API or the command line interface. Our tooling enables you to create pipelines similar to the ones in software development, reacting to changes in code, that continuously integrate changed policies and run automated test-suites.

  • Health Check + Security Advisor
    Continuously monitor your API gateway instances and services across multiple clusters in near real-time. Leverage our Advisor module to identify potential issues before they impact the business. These issues include security related ones like unsecured listen ports or expired certificates as well as operational ones as for example resources that differ within the same environment.

  • Monitoring + Alarming
    Real-time alerting in the event of a service degradation using your favorite notification channels including, emails, Slack, Teams, Twilio, Mattermost, Webhooks, and others. Make use of your existing Prometheus infrastructure. The API Gateway Manager will retrieve all the metrics from your Layer7 gateways, label them correctly and push them into your Prometheus installation, allowing you to reuse already existing dashboards or alarming settings.

  • Modern Dashboard
    Freely customizable dashboard, showing the status of the services and API Gateway instances. Create personalized views, choosing from a library of powerful component widgets.


APIOps for Broadcom Layer7

APIIDA API Gateway Manager is the leading management tool for Layer7. With its comprehensive graphical user interface, combined with a REST-based API and a CLI for power users and automation, it perfectly integrates with your CI/CD tools and flows.

Developer self-service capabilities, integration with git, true versioning, and service templating significantly enhance the Developer Experience and accelerate the time-to-market.
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Integrate with the tools your teams already use and love

Further enhance and automate your processes with world-class integrations and establish an end-to-end APIOps flow.

Messe München
Customer Success

Messe München, Germany

With the APIIDA API Gateway Manager, we streamlined and automated our CI/CD pipeline processes, reduced operational risk, and increased the speed from idea to new service availability.”

Sebastian Würkner
Solution Architect, Messe München
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William Hill Case Study
Customer Success

William Hill, UK

“Milliseconds can make the difference on the platform and with the APIIDA API Gateway Manager, even data-intensive events with performance spikes can be handled with ease.”

Paul Johnson
Senior Technical Product Owner – Sportsbook, William Hill
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Experience the benefits of true API Management for your Broadcom Layer7 environment today.
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Solution Engineering for Broadcom Layer7

APIIDA Expert Services

Looking for complementary services offerings? As a certified Broadcom Expert Advantage Partner, APIIDA provides a broad range of services for Broadcom Layer7 API Management solutions – from Architecture Planning, Implementation and Upgrade Services, Training and Education, to Enhanced Support and anything in between.

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