Disruptive change
in the API industry

At APIIDA, we develop solutions and products that enable customers to dynamically deal with change. The presence of tech giants in the market has shown that companies need to maintain their ability to be agile if they want to gain an advantage and remain competitive.

The goal of APIIDA is to increase vendor-independent competition, which has been proven to lead to better products and lower costs. API management thus becomes a discipline in its own right and can drive disruptive change in the industry.
The Development of API Management

The Journey

from API 1.0 to API 3.0

Our approach to API management evolved from the service-oriented architectures of the 1990s. Broadcom’s Layer7 API Gateway, for example, is rooted in the idea of acting as a proxy between consumers and upstream services, rather than integrating relatively complex specifications into each individual web service.

Later, in addition to traffic going in and out of the enterprise, traffic within the enterprise also gained relevance. With a wave of new thinking and architectures came API management platforms that merged traditional 1.0 gateways with new services, giving rise to API 2.0 platforms. The provision of free open source packages significantly lowered the price of professional API management. The final evolution of API 3.0 platforms came from the rise of the Internet of Things and new design principles that drove so-called streaming APIs, or asynchronous, event-driven APIs. Changing protocols brought additional change as they were not supported by all API platforms. The trend towards specialization led to a very heterogeneous landscape.

Disruptive approach

New way of
thinking about API management

Consequently, a new way of thinking about API management emerged: by separating APIs from their runtimes and adapting them to focused strategies, they could act as independent entities. This disruptive approach transformed digital value chains and enabled companies to use the services that best met their needs.

What clearly sets APIIDA’s approach apart is not only its support of individual API management, but more importantly its perspective on operations. We not only look at collaboration and design, but share the company’s perspective and focus.
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