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With Obsidian we created a unique API management platform that can provision, discover and secure all of your APIs in one central place. This allows a vendor-independent administration of the whole API lifecycle and can be adapted to the requirements of your company. Taking the complexity out of API management with our unified API registry, enabling a coherent CX and consistent governance across all APIs.

This is true API management.
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Gartner VP Analyst

„Multi-Vendor Management is the ‚Holy Grail‘ of API Management“

Mark O’Neill

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Single Point of Truth

Centralized visibility of all your APIs in one central location


No Need to Be an Expert for Every Platform


Reduce Time to Market by Supporting True DevOps

Governance & Policies

Enforce Your Access and Quality Policies Across the Board

Empower your Teams

Keep your Teams Happy, as They Can Use Their Preferred Tech Stack

Embrace Legacy

Retrofit Your Existing API solutions
Who we address

Future proof your
API Management

We address companies that want to modernize and improve their API management and strive for future-proof, agile workflows. Our focus is on companies that value state-of-the-art technology without compromising on quality or security. APIIDA provides powerful products and expertise to help your business excel in the age of API 3.0.
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How did we do that?

Clearer. More consistent.
More dynamic.

A unified registry enables the listing of internal and external APIs. Runtimes and configuration can be centrally accessed and individually controlled by all users. A sophisticated mechanism allows migration between runtimes and adapts to custom API proxy specifications. Our proprietary platform consists of a central API hub, unified developer and management portals, and ApiOps capabilities that work with the most popular providers on the market – such as Apigee or Kong. Overall, API management becomes clearer, more unified and more dynamic with Obsidian.

Reducing costs was also front and center during the development: Obsidian enables the mix of high-cost, high-performance platforms for the most complex workloads with low-cost FOSS solutions (free and open source) for less demanding workloads. With best-in-class quality and high visibility, this results in a lower total cost of ownership.

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What do you get?

Better Control
& More Agility

With Obsidian as a vendor-agnostic developer portal, we want to give your organization greater control and momentum while improving compliance, resilience, and manageability.

API hub within your company

management for all operators

mechanism for migration of the APIs

with Common API providers

Provider dependency

Total cost of ownership


Automate APIs on any platform. Provision,
change, and version APIs on any environment.


Catalog and manage access on
any platform. Provide ­discoverability,
documentation and access to all APIs


Manage compliance and protect sensitive
data. Audit and enforce IT security policies
on any environment.

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