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Broadcom Layer7 API Management

Health Check and Solution Adoption Check


Key Outcomes:

• Better scalability of your API management environment which will cope with your growth

• Increased productivity through higher throughput and stability

• Operation of your API management according to the latest standards

• Maximized value of your investment by leveraging the entire potential of the solution

For a long time, you rely on Broadcom’s industry-leading Layer7 API management solution (also known as CA API Management) to interface with customers, clients, partners and cloud services. However, as IT evolves faster and faster, and as requirements and frameworks change, it makes sense to reassess critical aspects again and again.

Health Check

Firstly, there are the technical aspects. Does your concept still meet current standards? Which security gaps or failure risks could have crept in? Does the sizing of your API management still fit to the possibly drastically increased volume your interfaces have to cope with?

Our Health Check offering addresses these and similar questions.


Solution Adoption Check

And are you still getting the most out of this solution? What untapped potential could there be in it that may not have played a role for you and your business when it was first implemented? How do other companies use Broadcom Layer7 API Management profitably today? Which useful add-ons are recommended?

These and other benefit-oriented considerations are at the core of our Solution Adoption Check.


APIIDA Services Consultants

Trust our consultants, who we consider to be the best in Europe. They will examine your environment according to your individual requirements, but also based on years of experience with Broadcom Layer7 API management products, and make valuable recommendations that will benefit the security, stability, performance, and value you derive from this solution.

If desired, our consultants will then together with you work out projects based on the above findings and then carry them out.

Broadcom Layer7 API Management

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