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One Identity Manager

Health Check and Solution Adoption Check


Key Outcomes:

• Increased productivity through best possible integration of your identity management and through highest reliability

• Configuration that keeps pace with your growth

• Operation according to the latest standards

• Maximum benefit from your investment by exploiting any unused potential

Years ago, you invested in the One Identity Manager for more efficiency, lower costs and higher productivity in Identity Management. However, since then, your enterprise and your IT environment have changed, and you're wondering:

Health Check

• Is my installation still state-of-the-art?

• What vulnerabilities may have arisen?

• How could this software be integrated better?

Our One Identity Health Check addresses these and similar challenges.

Solution Adoption Check

• And am I still getting the most out of this solution?

• What are the current or future business requirements that One Identity Manager must cope with?

• How do other enterprises use this solution nowadays?

If you are asking yourself the same questions, you should be interested in our One Identity Manager Solution Adoption Check.


APIIDA Services Consultants

For both packages we use our consultants who got many years of experience. As a rule, they act as follows:

• Analysis of your existing Identity Management installation

• Documentation of the findings obtained

• Pointing out the potential for optimization

And if desired:

• Joint coordination of suitable measures

• Drafting a statement-of-work and a resulting project plan

• Implementing the agreed defined tasks

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