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Key Outcomes:

• Stability and maintainability of your identity management with current releases

• Relief for your team and time for strategic priorities while external consultants take care of upgrade and migration

• Review and porting of your individual customizations

Everyone knows about the benefits of up-to-date software, especially in order to benefit from product improvements and to reduce the risk of failure.

So, why does upgrade planning then not receive the attention it deserves from business and IT managers? Competing strategic initiatives or high priorities in day-to-day business may be a reason for this.

Often, however, a lack of resources, complex special adaptations (“customization”) that need to be maintained or the lack of a convincing project plan also contribute to valuing the effort and risks of an upgrade higher than the expected benefits and to postponing the project for the time being.

Upgrade Services

Does this dilemma sound familiar? Then consider using our One Identity Manager Upgrade Services.

Our experienced consultants are familiar with the various versions of One Identity Manager and with developing custom upgrade and migration plans for development, test and production environments. In many projects, they have proven this and helped the respective enterprises create an up-to-date One Identity Manager environment with high overall performance and smooth operation.