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Move to the Cloud

The Challenge

Companies are shifting their workloads from on-premise datacenters into the cloud. Together with the workloads the APIs need to be shifted as well. This transition should happen as smooth as possible and sometimes also involves adding cloud native API gateways into the API landscape. APIIDA’s API Control Plane can be used to make this move as comfortable as possible and enabling companies to leverage the true potential of the cloud thereafter.

Challenges companies are facing, when moving to the cloud:

The two biggest challenges for companies at this transition are:

APIIDA API Control Plane

The Solution

To solve these conflicts, the APIIDA API Control Plane as a SaaS management layer for different API management vendors is the perfect solution. On top of that, we offer the APIIDA Professional Services to support you with this engagement. From planning the needed steps to executing them and keeping track of achieving your goals, our Experts can assist you through the process. The APIIDA Solution Engineering Team will help you to design and implement a Solution.

We bring the following key features for the outlined scenario:

APIIDA API Control Plane

APIIDA API Control Plane

One Solution to rule them all. With APIIDA API Control Plane, the market-leading solution for Federated API Management, we created a unique platform that can provision, discover and secure all of your APIs in one central place.

APIIDA Expert Services

APIIDA provides a full range of services for managing your APIs and achieving your desired business outcomes. We apply our expertise in design, development and implementation, so you can focus on what’s important: your business.

Cloud Platforms

API cloud platforms are essential for organizations that want to offer APIs as part of their products and services. They provide a scalable and secure way to manage APIs, which is essential for modern applications that rely heavily on APIs for communication and integration. API Cloud Platforms are revolutionizing the world of software development. They make it easier for developers to quickly access and use powerful cloud infrastructure, and to quickly scale that infrastructure as their applications grow. Utilizing an API Cloud Platform gives developers the ability to effectively integrate multiple services, increase the performance of those services, and speed up the product delivery process. Additionally, an API Cloud Platform can give businesses even more advantages such as increased security, cost savings from reducing server workloads, analytics and insights into usage patterns, easier collaboration across teams and improved deployment timeframes. This makes API Cloud Platforms a must-have for any business wanting to stay ahead in the digital space.

What’s in for your organization?

The Benefits

Benefits of migrating to the cloud include lowered capital expenditure as well as lowered operating expenses. Increased agility, enables scaling and the improving of the availability and reliability are also great benefits.

Single Point of Truth

The APIIDA API Control Plane is on top of all the Gateways in the company. No matter if on-prem or cloud-native, no matter the vendor. The goal of the Control Plane is to have all different runtimes in-sync with each other and have one place to manage them all.

Dynamic Scalability

The APIIDA API Control Plane supports on-prem API Gateways and Cloud native Gateways simultaneously. This way the advantages from both worlds will be used. This makes it easy to continue using the on-prem services and the old APIM and simply add the native API Gateways.

Modernization of Legacy Infrastructure

Modernization of Legacy Infrastructure is a challenging task for organizations as it requires significant investment and a well-planned strategy. With APIIDA API Control Plane, organizations can easily move to the cloud and modernize their legacy infrastructure. It offers a single platform to manage and govern all APIs across different environments and enables organizations to integrate legacy systems with modern cloud-native applications seamlessly.

Central Security

The APIIDA API Control Plane allows the central management of different runtimes. This also allows to enforce organization wide guidelines regarding API security requirements (e.g. authentication schemes, documentation and deployment processes).

Bring Your Own Gateway

The APIIDA API Control Plane offers a vendor-independent approach, which allows organizations to maintain their existing infrastructure while still enjoying centralized control and management of their APIs. It enables organizations to avoid vendor lock-in, increase flexibility, and reduce costs, without sacrificing control over their infrastructure. Currently, the APIIDA API Control Plane supports connections to API Gateways from Layer7, Azure, AWS, Gravitee, Kong and WSO2. And more will be added soon.

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