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Move to the Cloud

As businesses move their workloads from in-house data centers to the cloud, shifting APIs is a key part of the process. Shifting your existing API gateway solution to the cloud, taking advantage of cloud-native API gateways or operating a hybrid model? Lift and shift your existing environment or moving to a container-based environment on Docker, Kubernetes or OpenShift? We help you ensure a hassle-free transition and take full advantage of the cloud. Let us help you make the transition seamless.
Operations Automation

Implement CI/CD Pipeline Flows

Every successful company that provides a portfolio of APIs to its customers and partners knows how important it is to stay ahead of the curve. It must ensure that the shared services and data are not only transferred securely but can also be adapted to customer requirements and technological advances. This requirement to be ahead of the competition means that there must be a continuous effort to grow the quality of service, and this translates to APIOps – meaning Continuous Integration and Development. Check out our Solution and Benefits when implementing CI/CD Pipeline flow with the help of the APIIDA API Gateway Manager.

Implement Group Structures

Any growing organization has many different tasks to perform and business requirements can become more and more refined and specific for a particular business unit or department. APIs are used as building blocks to help those units create more efficient and automated processes and therefore they are also object to those requirements. From a technical perspective however, the API Management Layer might be operated and maintained by a central team of experts who operate as a business unit of their own. Check out how to easily perform those tasks here.

Provide Open Banking APIs

The APIIDA Open Banking Solution Pack for Broadcom Layer7 provides an out-of-the-box set of API services for Open Banking to be readily deployed on a Layer7 API Gateway. It delivers the required APIs to comply with several standards, including the Open Banking specifications (e.g. in the UK, Switzerland) and the PSD2 standard regulation (e.g. in the EU).

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