Swisscom Trust Services and APIIDA lay the foundation for digital signature platform of the future

Gross-Bieberau, September 25, 2019

We offer a new platform that enables companies to electronically sign contracts and issue document seals via a uniform interface. We rely on the integration of the qualified electronic signature from Swisscom Trust Services. It is the only one that covers the legal areas of the EU (eIDAS) and Switzerland (ZertES) and thus enables companies to digitise business processes throughout the whole of Europe. An intuitive viewer for document viewing and the integration of established trust networks round off the user experience.

“We are delighted to have found in Swisscom a partner who shares our vision of digital business processes,” says Stefan Schaffner, CEO of APIIDA. “With the new solution, we are considerably simplifying our entry into the field of legally secure digital signatures. The cooperation with Swisscom allows us to offer this solution throughout the entire European Economic Area and Switzerland”.

“With APIIDA AG, we have gained an important partner,” says Marco Schmid, Head of Expansion & Strategy at Swisscom Trust Services. “The simple integration of the electronic signature is a decisive factor in the development of digital business models in order to facilitate innovation and at the same time create confidence in legal certainty”.

Our APIIDA team has many industry knowledge and many years of experience in the development and implementation of API and trust services. This provides Swisscom All-in-Signing customers with competent support in adapting and connecting the solution to their business processes.


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