• May 11, 2022

The effect of current Technology Trends on API Management

At APIIDA we strive to improve API Management every day. In order to do so we not only have to look at current API solutions, but also at what’s happening next.

Let’s have a look at Gartner’s top technology trends for 2022 and their effect on API Management.

These are the top technology trends Gartner identified and they span the whole IT landscape. From data sources, over architecture patterns to artificial intelligence, the scope of these trends is very broad.

But if you look closer at them you can spot some similarities.

Almost all of these trends require APIs to work efficiently. But not a single kind of API. Some of them require large sets of data to be moved, others focus on only little data but need to be event-driven. In fact the number of different types of APIs is growing rapidly. And this changes the API Management landscape.

API Gateways or Runtimes as we call them at APIIDA either need to specialize or to generalize which will cause huge movements in the market.

The second theme that emerges from these trends is the one of being platform and technology agnostic.

The task at hand is to connect and manage systems running on a multitude of tech stacks, being cloud-native or legacy.

The question is not if you can replace all these systems with a new larger one, but how to manage and stay on top of this complexity. Because as these trends show, technology agnostic IT Management is the way to go.

This also has a second effect. The relevant meta data for API Management needs to be elevated to an upper level. This places APIs at the same strategic level as other aspects of a companies IT landscape. To deliver on the promises of these trends, companies have to stop looking at APIs and API Management as a tactical component.

How APIIDA’s technology helps

APIIDA anticipated these changes in the market. In fact the observations above almost exactly map to the way we think API Management should be done. From seeing APIs as a core strategic asset of any digital value chain up to the trend to platform-agnostic, interoperable API Management.

Our products help customers to get that strategic, unified look at all your APIs and manage them on whichever runtime they are running. Enabling unified discovery, provisioning and security on all platforms across an organization. For more information, have a look at our blog posts about these topics or dive right into the description of our upcoming APIIDA API control plane.

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