The experts of Easter Island not only for Christmas – Our author, Timm Lotter, is currently traveling around the world.

About five hours of flying time from South America is a small island in the middle of the ocean. The locals call it Rapa Nui, we know it as Easter Island since James Cook discovered it on Easter Sunday. What is so special about this island? That over 1.000 years ago people were able to find it? That they could build boats to sail over the ocean for a long time? Does that sound impressive? In fact, it’s the stone sculptures, the Moai, that are even more impressive.Everyone has certainly seen pictures of them. They have huge heads and are up to ten meters high. That’s more than three floors of a residential building. They carved them out of the rocks at one piece from a quarry. A Moai weighed several tons – as much as a truck. Over time, hundreds of them were placed on the island. One question is still a mystery: How were they moved to the sites? According to one theory, they were rolled on woods. A newer theory suggests, that they “walked” and were transported upright.
What do Easter Island and APIIDA have in common? The inhabitants of Easter Island were experts at creating huge statues and moving them with muscle power. They were excellent at it. Nowhere else in the world have people achieved this. This was only possible with expert knowledge and a lot of motivation. We at APIIDA also specialized – we are the experts for APIs and IT security. We make the impossible possible every day.

Why do you need experts? Imagine, you get the task to create a stone sculpture like the Moai out of a rock and set it up 100 meters away. You have the same resources available as then, pure muscle power and primitive tools. You have to complete this task within a month, otherwise, something terrible will happen to you and you will be damned to the otherworld. In the beginning, you meet two people: One has read everything about statues for 20 years and is an expert in theory. The other one has just helped set up a Moai and is an expert in the field. Which of the two would you hire? Who would you trust your life?

What are your challenges? Our experts are not on a lonely island in the middle of the ocean. They are within reach. They are your expert for “secure” and “connect” – API Management, Authentication and Identity Management. How can we help you?

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