Three Questions to: Waldemar Rosenfeld

by Olga Irmen

In our new series: “Three questions to…”, we would like to introduce the employees of APIIDA. It starts with Waldemar Rosenfeld, Product Manager, APIIDA AG.

Waldemar Rosenfeld completed his master’s degree with a focus on IT security at the TU Darmstadt as a business computer scientist. He gained initial professional experience in various companies in the field of identity and access management, including as project manager. Since 2016 he works for APIIDA AG.

Dear Mr. Rosenfeld, we are very pleased to open our interview series “Three Questions to You” with you! Thank you for telling us a little about yourself and your work at APIIDA AG. You work as Product Manager for our product APIIDA API Gateway Manager and at the same time as a Services Consultant. What tasks are associated with these two roles?

Waldemar Rosenfeld: As product manager, I coordinate the development department. This includes z. For example, the formulation and definition of goals and their transmission to departments such as marketing or sales. As a Services Consultant, I implement solutions directly with our customers on site. Through my specialization in study, in connection with my many years of practical experience, I can now offer our customers the best solution that suits them. For example, I’m currently working with a project team to implement a single sign-on solution for a large company. There I am responsible for the entire process – from conception to implementation.

That sounds like an exciting task area with a lot of responsibility. What characterizes APIIDA AG as an employer from your perspective?

Waldemar Rosenfeld: Here is simply a pleasant working environment. When you think about how much time we spend at work today, that’s a deciding factor for an employee, I think. Our colleagues come from all over the world, which also gives them an insight into other cultures. I like that and it’s really fun. In addition, many colleagues also meet in their free time, which also strengthens the cohesion in the company. At the beginning of March, for example, I was skiing with a fairly large group of colleagues. That was good and I was looking forward to it in advance. Naturally, various organized employee events, to which the partners are often invited, also make a decisive contribution to this climate. I’m thinking of Christmas parties, summer parties or bowling trips.

A bit we could already hear that you like skiing. May we ask you a private question as third and last? Would you tell us what Waldemar Rosenfeld does in his spare time?

Waldemar Rosenfeld: Of course. Even in my spare time I like to work on small projects. Currently I am dealing with a home automation system. I also like to travel and do a lot. Of course, there are always synergies to work. Recently, for example, it was a big fair in the USA.

Thank you for the pleasant conversation, Mr. Rosenfeld.