• April 5, 2023

Use Cases for Federated API Management: Unified API Catalogs

Marilena Müller
Head of Product & Marketing
APIIDA Webinar Series

Webinar Series:
Use Cases for Federated API Management

Unified API Catalogs

Marilena Müller, Head of Product and Marketing, APIIDA

To leverage the full business potential of your APIs, it is essential that internal and external teams can easily find them, get help on implementation and can request access to said APIs. The more complex your API landscape is the harder it is to guarantee a consistent experience across the whole range of APIs. In this webinar we look at how a unified catalog can streamline your API efforts and leads to better business outcomes. We also look at how APIIDA’s API Control Plane allows you to create such a catalog in an easy and automated way, without requiring a big IT project.
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