Welcome to the APIIDA Blog. Welcome to the age of Digital Transformation!

by Sebastian Rohr, CTO, APIIDA AG

Digitization is changing many areas of our daily (working) life – think of SIRI, Alexa, Cortana and their linguistic siblings. In addition, a whole series of great publications on the “new beginning” or the “redefinition” of the business fundamentals of established business and management companies are already on my bookshelf. These include, for example, Christoph Keeses “Silicon Germany”, Tim Coles “Digital Transformation” or the publication of Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, “Hit Refresh”.

So far, so good. Nevertheless: For me, as CTO of a start-up in the digital field, the answer to the (unavoidable) C-level questions always causes the most headache:
a) “Nice strategy – but how can it be implemented with the new technologies?”
b) “Great new technologies – but how can I use them effectively for my business?”

Since I see myself more as some sort of catalyst for innovation than as a great innovator myself and am known more for my communication skills than my technical abilities, my mission as a blogger is primarily that of an interpreter. So I want to try to balance between enough “tech talk” on the one hand and “strategic advice” on the other hand. My goal is that even someone in a “C-level” position invest a few minutes to delve deeper into the technological abyss of acronyms, standards and the plethora of vendors, all trying to solve all your problems with the new silver bullet. Beside me, other members of the APIIDA team will also contribute to our blog regularly. And we are all determined to be as complex as necessary and at the same time as easy to understand as possible. In addition to our expertise and experience, we are always happy to give you (quite occasionally humorous) insights into APIIDA AG.

APIIDA is determined to help our customers and partners succeed with their digital transformation initiatives, taking advantage of the great opportunities, while minimizing the risks involved. We specialize in solutions for securing digital identities, as well as connecting systems, applications and data. Secure – Connect, which is already reflected in our company name and logo.

But most of us already know that technology alone can not (and will not) solve our problems (sorry, Bruce Schneier, that I’m borrowing your famous encryption quote here!). Nevertheless, with our knowledge and experience, we have effective means and tools in our luggage to guide you on the path of digital transformation. Change is typically an engine of growth that we only have to use to our advantage. I am looking forward to your thoughts and lively discussions!

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Living change is important – we are in the starting blocks! So when do we start?