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14. October 2019

APIIDA at it-sa 2019 – Many thanks for your visit!

Gross-Bieberau, October 14, 2019 The it-sa 2019 was a complete success for us! Over a three-day period, 15.632 international trade visitors turned Exhibition Nuremberg into […]
9. October 2019

„The 2019 Platform Summit“: APIIDA at NordicAPIs in Stockholm

Gross-Bieberau, October 10, 2019 We are a sponsor and exhibitor of the event “The 2019 Platform Summit” at NordicAPIs in Sweden. The 2019 Platform Summit […]
26. September 2019

Passwordless company: APIIDA presents an alternative to passwords and smart cards at it-sa 2019

Gross-Bieberau, September 26, 2019 We present our new SaaS solution for our product APIIDA Mobile Authentication at it-sa 2019. Now companies are also able to […]

APIIDA Mobile Authentication

APIIDA Mobile Authentication uses a smartphone app that establishes a direct, encrypted, and secure connection to your computer. The secure certificate-based authentication requires no internet connection. Your identity is securely stored locally and encrypted on your smartphone. You need no passwords in the future.

APIIDA Intelligent SSO

APIIDA Intelligent SSO provides a cloud-based identity platform that streamlines and secures Single Sign-On user access to all your applications.

APIIDA API Gateway Manager

APIIDA API Gateway Manager enables customers to easily and centrally monitor and manage multiple Layer 7 API Gateway instances in distributed environments. One-Click Migration and Service Management also automate the migration of APIs between various instances.


17. October 2019

The rotten fruit in the company

The rotten fruit in the company Study “Under the Hoodie” by Rapid7 shows the problems with passwords    by Sascha Salzner, Marketing Manager, APIIDA AG […]
10. October 2019

Five Reasons To Go Inkless

by Marilena Müller, Product Manager, APIIDA AG The business world is changing rapidly and relentless. This is mainly due to digitization and increasing technology. It […]
1. October 2019
Improve the User Experience

Types of Multi-factor Authentication – Advantages and Disadvantages

Types of Multi-factor Authentication – Advantages and Disadvantages   by Timm Lotter, Senior Presales Consultant, APIIDA AG With the help of a second factor, logging […]
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