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8. December 2020

APIIDA AG Joins EU’s GAIA-X as a Day 1 Member

APIIDA AG, one of the leading technology companies for providing software solutions that enable secure, connected real-time digital value chains, formalises its status as a […]
9. March 2020
ESM Customer Rescue Program

APIIDA announces Customer Protection Program for Broadcom Layer7 ESM customers

Customers of Broadcom’s Layer7 ESM (Enterprise Service Manager) product can now take advantage of our Customer Protection Program and receive extra benefits when migrating to […]
15. January 2020
APIIDA API Gateway Manager Winter 20 Release

APIIDA API Gateway Manager Winter 20 Release: API Operations Automation with integration in CI/CD Processes

APIIDA launches the new Winter 20 release of its leading APIIDA API Gateway Manager solution, which now supports the integration into CI/CD processes. New RESTful […]

APIIDA Mobile Authentication

Password-less Authentication

APIIDA Mobile Authentication uses a smartphone app that establishes a direct, encrypted, and secure connection to your computer. The secure certificate-based authentication requires no internet connection. Your identity is securely stored locally and encrypted on your smartphone. You need no passwords in the future.

APIIDA Intelligent SSO

Multi-factor Authentication and Single Sign-On

APIIDA Intelligent SSO provides a cloud-based identity platform that streamlines and secures Single Sign-On user access to all your applications.

APIIDA API Gateway Manager

API Operations Automation

APIIDA API Gateway Manager enables fast and reliable deployment and migration of API services, from development to production, to implement new business ideas faster. Comprehensive monitoring and alerting also ensure maximum availability and performance of the API services and thus improve the customer experience.


17. May 2020
Reduce Security- and Compliance Risk

PSD2 SCA Method Implementation: What It Is All About From A Technical Perspective

20. March 2020

Home office in Germany – Sure! But secure!

4. February 2020

Fix Google Social Login on Layer7 Mobile API Gateway

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