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APIIDA combines leading technology with expertise and a deep desire to deliver an outstanding customer experience, enabling our customers to build, grow and future-proof their API Management strategy.

Our customers shall not be limited by vendor lock-ins or technology decisions that hamper change. Instead, they should be able to rely on open standards and vendor-independent technology, enabling them to embrace change and accelerate their business.
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Our commitment to providing real, lifetime value ultimately leads to an outstanding customer experience, resulting in long-lasting relationships with clients and repeat business from satisfied customers. Whether you are looking for cutting-edge technology, reliable expertise, or top-notch customer support, we are here to help you thrive.


Roadmap towards the API Economy

APIIDA API Control Plane

December 2022

— Release of APIIDA API Control Plane

APIIDA launches the APIIDA API Control Plane, a unique SaaS platform that can provision, discover and secure all of an organization’s APIs in one central place, allowing a vendor-agnostic administration of the entire API lifecycle.

December 2021

— OpenAPI Initiative Membership

Joining the OpenAPI initiative allows APIIDA to actively contribute to shaping the future of APIs and their standardization.

December 2021

— Partnership

The future lies in growing API ecosystems. The partnership with Gravitee provides a platform that offers everything an organization needs to integrate and secure all APIs in one place.

May 2021

— Google Cloud Partnership

Under the strategic partnership, APIIDA will leverage Google Cloud and its advanced capabilities to enhance the scale, performance, and intelligence of its cloud API platform called Apigee.

September 2018

— Broadcom Partnership

APIIDA AG kept on its recognition as a Tier 1 Value-Added Distributor Partner of CA Inc., a Broadcom Company, in the areas of Security and Integration, AIOps, Business Management, and Automation. The globally established solutions, marketed under the brand names Layer7, AIOps from Broadcom, Clarity, and Automatic, are now distributed by APIIDA to customers and partners in Europe.

August 2017

— Founded

APIIDA is founded in Darmstadt-Germany by former Students from the Technical University of Darmstadt.

Leadership Team

The APIIDA leadership team is initiated by savvy entrepreneurs and seasoned industry experts, bringing years of experience and innovation to an established company recognized by analysts for its vision and value leadership.

Dr. Detlef Purschke

As Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Purschke’s focus is to continue to grow revenue while providing best-in-class service to APIIDA customer base. He drives APIIDA strategic goals and objectives as well as oversees the management of the organization. Dr. Purschke has held major executive positions within IBM, Electronic Data Systems, Software AG, and LHS-Ericsson.

Markus Müller

Markus Müller earned a degree in computer science with a minor in business administration from the Technical University of Darmstadt. While still a student, he founded his first software company. As a member of the original founding team of APIIDA, he took over the responsibility for the technological vision and strategy in his position as CTO.

Armin Stephan

Armin Stephan is responsible for the field organization, including Sales & Marketing, Professional Services, and Customer Success. He brings over 25 years of Sales and Customer Success leadership experience, building and scaling teams in enterprise technology. He has held several executive positions within CA Technologies, most recently as VP Customer Success EMEA, before he joined […]

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