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• December 8, 2020

APIIDA becomes Day 1 member of Gaia-X

Alina Kumbroch
Marketing Manager

APIIDA, one of the leading technology companies for the provision of software solutions that enable secure, connected, real-time digital value chains, formalizes its status as a Day-1 member of the GAIA-X project.

Aiming to make a strong contribution to the development of a secure, reliable and certified network infrastructure for data sharing and access across Europe, the GAIA-X project is a step towards a cloud offering based on European values .

APIIDA brings deep expertise in cloud-native trusted identity management, API management, and real-time data streaming to the project, and actively shares industry knowledge, best practices, and use cases.

GAIA-X, which is expected to be launched as early as 2021, acts as a legal entity supported by the European Commission according to the standards set by its members. It is a project open to all countries that decide to contribute to its growth and join as members, with the aim of offering European companies a secure cloud network using the standards guaranteed by the European institutional system.

A total of 22 companies and founding associations are behind the project, and there are also other vendors that have recently been officially recognized, including APIIDA, which is named as a Day 1 member of the project.

“We are honored to be a Day 1 member of the European Union’s GAIA-X data infrastructure initiative and look forward to collaborating with other European companies and organizations,” said Detlef Purschke, CEO of APIIDA. “We are aware of how valuable and how much of a strategic resource data represents for every company and beyond. GAIA-X is an important initiative for all European companies as it requires a greater focus on data governance, digital sovereignty, enforcement of privacy and data ownership to its citizens.”

About GAIA-X

GAIA-X is a project initiated by Europe for Europe. Its goal is to develop common requirements for a European data infrastructure. Therefore, openness, transparency and the possibility of connecting to other European countries are the focus of GAIA-X. Currently, representatives from seven European countries are involved in the project. We would like to invite other European partners to join the project and contribute to its development. Many dialogues are already underway and will be further intensified. In addition, GAIA-X is in constant contact with the European Commission.

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