• August 28, 2023

Venafi Machine Identity Management Summit 2023

Armin Stephan
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

APIIDA and Venafi – A Winning Partnership

The Venafi Machine Identity Management Summit 2023, which took place on September 18-19 in Las Vegas, marked a significant gathering for professionals in the cybersecurity and machine identity management field. After years of virtual meetings, the summit offered an in-person reunion, emphasizing exploration of cutting-edge trends in machine identity management, zero trust, artificial intelligence, and cloud-native technologies.

Building on the alliance between Venafi and APIIDA, Markus Müller (CTO APIIDA), talked about the power of integrating the APIIDA API Control Plane with Venafi’s Control Plane for Machine Identities. He delved into the vital role of APIs in modern, agile architectures and and how to effectively manage, govern and secure APIs as a strategic IT management discipline, in order to fully unlock the power of APIs for the business.

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