• April 5, 2023

Use Cases for Federated API Management: Group Structures in API Management

Marilena Müller
Head of Product & Marketing
APIIDA Webinar Series

Webinar Series:
Use Cases for Federated API Management

Group Structures in API Management

Marilena Müller, Head of Product and Marketing, APIIDA

If your organization consists of multiple business units, that feature their own IT departments the job of the central IT is no easy one. You can either allow every business unit to select the tools that work best for them or you can decide the tech stack for all of them. In the first case you lose control and tight governance over what is running and how it is set up. In the second case, you might end up with a sub par solution, that does need a lot of customizing and maintenance. In this webinar we look into how to solve this dilemma and make sure your central IT can act as enabler of innovation instead of a hindrance. Guarantee governance and compliance while also allowing teams to choose whatever tool fits best for the job is only one of the features of APIIDA’s API Control Plane.
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